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10 Helpful Links to Back-To-School Savings


10 Helpful Links to Back To School SavingsIt's that time of year again when the kids start heading back to school. The summer has flown by so fast. Most of the kids on Long Island only have two full weeks left of summer to enjoy. So summer is just about over, school is about to start, so what does that mean for all the parents out there? Time to start stressing about school supplies, school clothes, immunizations, physicals and the list goes on and on. Well have no fear! I've done a little digging and what I found will definitely help you in this stressful endeavor. Below you will find 10 links to save on school supplies, school clothes and also to help advise on how to prepare for back-to-school basics.












I hope that you find these links helpful. We need all the help and resources we can get when it comes to back-to-school savings. The bad part about it is, the older your kids get the more money you spend on school supplies and clothes. One other thing I forgot to mention was:

Only in New York City and some surrounding counties; Sales of eligible clothing and footwear for less than $110 are exempt from state sales tax.


Beginning April 1, 2012, the New York State sales tax clothing exemption is restored to the original less-than-$110 threshold.


Sales of eligible clothing and footwear costing less than $110 per item or pair are exempt from the state's 4% sales tax and local tax in those localities that enacted the exemption.






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