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What to do in a heat wave |Long Island


heat wave dangers

While researching for our blogs, we here at Maran Corporate Risk come in contact with many useful websites. Normally we are all over anything to do with floods, hurricanes, freeze ups and the like. However, last week's abnormally high temperatures had us looking at what to do in a heat wave.

Heat, especially coupled with humidity, which Long Island seems to have an abundance of, spells danger to all, especially the young, the ill and the elderly. And during a heat wave, the temperature doesn't drop at night, which further exacerbates such problems as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Our government really has a wealth of information, and its websites are easy to navigate and understand. In addition to flood, fire and other disaster planning, they have an article concerning extreme heat. A lot of this information is common sense, but there were a few new tips that we thought we should share with you.


Heat Wave Tips from FEMA.




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